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Royals Referral Contest

Group O'Dell wants to take you to a Royals game!

Enter to WIN!

Anyone who has sent us referrals since the 1st of the year will be entered into this contest! The prizes are ROYALS TICKETS for the HOME OPENER, or tickets to a home game during the 2017 Kansas City Royals Season.

Entering the contest is simple! Do you know someone who is hoping to BUY, SELL or RELOCATE this year? Let us help! Share their name, email address, and phone number. Then your name will be added into our drawing. Want to increase your odds at winning? Go ahead and send us multiple referrals (you’ll receive one entry per referral).  You’ve got to play to win!

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Thank you to all our friends who have sent us referrals this year!


Tj & Veronica Alvarez
Scott Harvison
Steve & Wanda Stoltenberg
Adam Andrews
Kelley Barajas
Kelley Barajas (2nd Referral)
Tom Sullivan
Jon Baker
David & Ellen Swanson
Nick Baustert
John Jordan
Kevin & Susan Sykes
Rabi Bhattachan
Michael Kohout
Mike Thiessen
Kyle Black
Kirk & Michelle Loveless
Arthur & Lia Tsiouris
Mechelle & Nate Bliss
Becky McTarsney
Lawrence & Amanda Tynes
Amy Needham
Duncan Yu
David & Katrina Carey
Kevin Newkirk
Dennis Williams
Rebecca Christie
Mike O’Connell
Jason Knobbe
Thomas & Rachael Clifton
Eric Moss & Paige Testerman
Clayton Cobler
Billy Pyne
Heather & Jake Cole
Roger Payne
Molly & Tyler Cole
Jay & Bri Peterson
Khris & Jeanette Colemen
Jeff & Robin Pettijohn
Majid Rozati & Minoo Dadman
Joshua Porter
Jacob Scott
Michael & Mary Detherage
Stacy & Darrell Pursell
Karen Dulle
Brian Smith
Rachel Williams
Matt & Kristy Ecton
Justin & Sarah Rhorer
Amy Evans-Colledge
Michele Rivera
Cory Finley
Garrett & Shirley Ruebelmann
Todd & Karen Friedeman
Josh & Rachel Sandoval
Greg Furstner
Amy Sieve
Amy Sieve (2nd Referral)
Jody Nordgulen & Grace Grabofsky
Omar & Megan Guerra
Mark & Traci Sorell
Wendy & Rudy Bonnstetter

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