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Client Profile – First Time Home Buyer

At Group O’Dell, we have the privilege of working with all kinds of clients who move for a variety of reasons. Each with their own set of challenges and goals. Our opportunity lies in connecting, guiding, and educating our clients so they can make a great real estate investment and transition. We want to thank YOU for connecting us to great people.

This month, meet Jackie Harwig.

Group O'Dell's Client Profile: First Time Home Buyer - JackieHarwig2

Photo: Joseph Rojas

 A turning point for any young person whether married or single, is to make the move to home-ownership. This month we want to introduce you to Jackie Harwig, one of our recent first-time home buyers.

Jackie decided to buy a home after her landlord decided he wanted to sell the home she was renting. Although she was forced to move she did decide that she no longer wanted to be a renter or at the whim of a landlord.

The home buying process can be a scary proposition especially for first-time home buyers. What was going through your head once you made the decision to purchase? “I was terrified, I asked a lot of questions along the way and my agents, Mike and Bryan, answered them all and didn’t make me feel bad for asking. In fact, the whole team made the process simple and seamless,” said Jackie.

“It seemed as though there were so many choices to make and I hate not knowing if I was making the right decision but again, Mike and Bryan, were wonderful in helping ease my mind with everything!”

Group O'Dell's Client Profile: First Time Home Buyer - JackieHarwig1

Photo: Joseph Rojas

As experienced professionals we know that the sales process can be filled with a landmine of challenges and problems. Our job is to find solutions to those problems. What were some of the challenges you faced? “There were multiple offers on the house and not having any experience with this before I had no clue what to do. Mike walked me through the process and gave me sound advice that made me feel comfortable in the choices I was making.”

So now that you’ve had a chance to settle in, what would you say is the best thing about owning your own home? “That it’s all mine! I am very proud of my home, I love it. I love where I live, I love the house, and I love slowly decorating it all and making it reflective of my personality!”

Keep Jackie in mind if you want to become a foster parent, she supervises a team of recruiters for a local foster care agency. It’s no wonder her love of family, especially her nephews, drove her to the decision to move near them in DeSoto.

Do you know anyone who is thinking of buying their first home? Jackie is one of the hundreds of clients we’ve helped make the leap into home ownership. We’d love your referral!

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