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Selling Your Home? Declutter First!

Group O'Dell: Selling Your Home? Declutter First!

DECLUTTER! Is the number one advice we give when it comes to selling your home. Of course, this is just part of our plan but if you are thinking of selling, the more time you spend decluttering, cleaning, repairing, and adding finishing touches, the more money you will put in your pocket.

The declutter plan starts with the obvious but let’s face it, if you are ready to move, why would you pack and move clutter? Where will you unpack it in your new space? This is the time to give away and throw away anything that won’t have value to you in your new space. Packing it in your new basement shouldn’t be an option.

Group O'Dell: Organized spaceThen there is that CLEAN part. After you’ve decluttered, it’s time to give it a thorough cleaning. Top to bottom, windows to baseboards. Then when you’re done, clean again. Every bathroom, cabinet, and cobweb. Don’t forget the light fixtures too. Take them apart and wash them in warm soapy water if they’re glass and change the light bulbs. This will give a fresh sparkle throughout the house. This is probably the singular thing that buyers will notice first and I can say after 20 years of this, I’ve never shown a house that was “too clean”. Don’t forget to clean the tops of your hot water heater and furnace too. Dirty appliances make buyers think they’ve not been maintained.

REPAIR those small annoyances you’ve been living with. It’s easy to overlook that loose handle, leaky faucet, or dangling towel bar everyday when you live there. But when a lot of these small repairs accumulate, buyers tend to put a much larger price tag on true repair costs than exists. Take the weekend to fix those things that you would notice if you were the buyer. If you’re not able, hire a handyman it’s money worth spending.

Group O'Dell: Organized SpaceThe FINISHING TOUCHES is where it all comes together and creates the emotional connection for the buyer. Impressions start at the front door (painting it if you have to) a new doormat and fresh pots of flowers, and maybe new house numbers and door knob if you need them all say welcome home. As you move through your home remove anything that is distracting to your eye. Maybe it’s a color or piece of decor that keeps your eye focused on that rather than moving around the room. You don’t need lots of decor items just enough items placed that highlight the space. Nothing says spa like bathroom like new fresh white towels and shower curtain. A fresh bowl of lemons or flowers in the kitchen are a perfect accessory. Most people have too much furniture so better to pack away an extra chair and rearrange your furniture to get maximum flow and floor space.

I am always available to help you create a plan to get your home in the best show condition through staging. Feel free to email me, if you’d like a consult today.

-Maria O’Dell


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